No Content Is Too Long

From advertorials, blogs, wechat articles, house magazines and marketing literatures, and on topics from technology, fashion and trends and food cultures, I have written and orchestrated the roll-out of multi-market long form content for clients from H&M, Pret A Manger to Workday.

A carefully thought-through, well-written, and well-designed marketing literature is a very powerful brand and sales communications tool that can play a defining role in building trust.

A house magazine that expresses the brand and relates to the audience in ways that bite-size digital content cannot achieve.

A brand-led advertorial blends the factual content with entertainment, building the brand in a native way.

Authoring these types of long form content require a journalistic approach, combining research with original writing, but it also shares the same objectives to engage with the consumers and build the client’s brand.

Managing the global roll-out of these complex content hierarchies demand an understanding of the skillset and the power of collaboration.

Here are some of the approaches:

Define the purpose. The starting point is always to understand the different natures of the content and how it sits within the overall integrated content universe. Whether the aim is to inform, entertain, engage or to build loyalty, it defines how the content will be approached.

Build a strong team. For most of these projects, I was one of the authors that form part of a multi-market team. When putting together the global team, I knew intimately what was needed. I was able to inspire and influence the wider team to achieve a common global goal.

Establish the right tone of voice. In order to act effectively as part of the brand’s tone of voice, long form content has to be built on the brand’s foundation while differentiating it in a way to invite a different kind of action. I achieved this by creating a word bank and copy style sheet and sharing these with the client and all writers globally. This consultative approach aims to articulate the approach and incorporate any local differences from the start.

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