Purposeful brands: Have you got the tone right?

There has been a growing desire among brands to take a political or social stance in their campaigns. Marketers feel that connecting the brand with relevant causes and messages not only is their… Continue reading

Sound Branding: How music can act as the glue to strike a cord with consumers globally

When it comes to building a global campaign, most people will naturally think of visual and copy content – expressing the universal truth with locally relevant images and articulating the global messages with… Continue reading

The advertising business hasn’t changed. We have.

There’s no doubt that the role of creatives has changed dramatically. This year, we have seen evidences that companies of all kinds are seeking a different kind of creatives to fit to the… Continue reading

Brands: I am only human after all

Advertising is a reflection of our times. It always has been. Advertising of brands, like music and movies, can be a social message in itself. It influences how we look, what we eat… Continue reading

China: where all the rules of marketing matter

When I started writing this blog I asked myself what it should focus on. Should it be about branding – adapting the brand identity, developing the Chinese brand name (from the legal entity… Continue reading

Not all videos are created equal (and definitely not all in the same country)

The increasing popularity of using pictures and video to share on social media is driving a huge trend for using moving images to tell the brand story. Speaking at an event in June… Continue reading

Coca-Cola’s One Brand Strategy. A Balance Between Logic and Magic.

Coca-Cola recently announced their “One Brand” strategy. A series of changes affecting the advertising campaigns for the portfolio of brands, and the detail packaging design alignments were announced. This shift from brand-specific advertising… Continue reading

Encouraging local creativity: You can’t tell creative people to be creative, but you can let them.

It’s Chinese New Year on February 19. The Spring Festival is regarded as the most vibrant gift giving and shopping season in China, and therefore one of the major push for many leading… Continue reading

2015 forecast: Tell me something new. Tell me something real.

It’s not quite what you are expecting. I know. It doesn’t start with “50 tips to…” or “15 trends for…” I did try. I promised you. Towards the end of December I have… Continue reading

Idea + execution…and then there is craft

What is craft? Two spots, both were created for the same event Rugby World Cup 2015. Rugby 2015 “Promo”   Rugby 2015 “Team Talk”   The spot entitled “Promo” was released in 2013 in… Continue reading