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Coca-Cola’s One Brand Strategy. A Balance Between Logic and Magic.

Coca-Cola recently announced their “One Brand” strategy. A series of changes affecting the advertising campaigns for the portfolio of brands, and the detail packaging design alignments were announced. This shift from brand-specific advertising… Continue reading

Encouraging local creativity: You can’t tell creative people to be creative, but you can let them.

It’s Chinese New Year on February 19. The Spring Festival is regarded as the most vibrant gift giving and shopping season in China, and therefore one of the major push for many leading… Continue reading

Is your brand ‘world-ready’?

Technology brands are not often good in coming up with their product names. They also tend to focus more on building the best products and put much more emphasis in communicating what the… Continue reading

What will we expect in 2013?

Not sure if it is the weather, or because it’s just that time of the year. A few major ‘changes’ had made the headlines in the industry press. Here are the news from… Continue reading

Creativity and Implementation: Two Sides of The Same Coin

In a recent business trip to Beijing I had a reunion with the creative team I worked with in the past. We talked about the development of homegrown creative talents and the emergence… Continue reading