Good things come to those who…change

A new Guinness TVC from AMV BBDO London introduces a new tag line for the brand – Bring It To Life. Love the spot in many ways. An epic production that depicts a… Continue reading

Rethinking transcreation of global campaigns

In an article on how the adland weights up the impact of the recession (Campaign, 19 September), several agency heads had shared their insights. One aspect which I think is certainly emerging from… Continue reading

Free distribution: marketing boost or brand suicide?

In October, the London Evening Standard dropped its 50p cover price and had gone completely free. They claimed that since then their circulation had increased to 600,000 copies. They also described themselves as… Continue reading

It’s not me. It’s you.

  Putting consumers as the focus in advertising message is not new. What had become increasingly a ‘fashion’ is due to some of the changes in the form of personal communication these days.… Continue reading

The power of visual language

A few campaigns that had been launched recently had caught my attention. Not only because of its brilliant idea or execution but coincidently they all seem to have been inspired by visual arts.… Continue reading