Challenge of the new

I kept thinking about this lately. Russell Dais wrote in the Jan 22 issue of Campaign that new media is such a tough sell because the concept is ‘new’. While I certainly understand… Continue reading

The culture of colour

Read about this web site in The Times magazine on Saturday 30.01.10. Cymbolism explores the relationship between words and colour with the aim of ‘making it simple for designers to choose the… Continue reading

We are what we wear

We are what we wear. I think that is so true. Not only what we wear reflects our identity and character, it also often carries cultural traits too. Just look at Michelle Obama’s… Continue reading

Local brands. Local flavour.

I know we all have just been recovered from the Christmas ‘commercial’ craze, but I just picked up this news from my Czech friends and thought this is such a great example of… Continue reading

Brand name: a platform for brand communications

PC giant Lenovo recently launched a new campaign in China for the ThinkPad Edge range of PC. The campaign rides on the classic “red stick” design of the “TrackPoint” and brings to life… Continue reading

make.believe – an anti-climax

A new film had been added on the youtube Sony Video Channel to coincide with the announcement of Sony’s plans to accelerate initiatives to deliver an array of 3D entertainment for the home in… Continue reading

Do something new this year

When popularity doesn’t sound so cool anymore

In recent years, it had become extremely predictable that whoever wins X Factor, his/her debut single goes to No 1 over Christmas. But not this year. Joe McElderry, who won the TV talent… Continue reading

A touch of local creativity.

Nothing compares…or comparing nothing.

I was reading the ads in the tube the other day. It is Christmas season so lots of ads on gift giving. In front of me was a tube card advertising a kind… Continue reading