Life in A Day: 2011 revisited

If you want to search for something to watch over the holiday, this could be a fantastic alternative. It’s also probably one of my favorite movies I have watched in 2011. Life in… Continue reading

Trendwatch 2012: A ‘blink’ edition

With 2011 coming to a close, we begin to see top trends prediction from the point of view of various different sources. Here I would like to draw on my own observations, and… Continue reading

Taking global ideas home

Nowadays I seldom involve in campaigns that cover only one market. I am also increasingly involving in brands that need to adapt creatively in different markets – as oppose to the traditional standardization… Continue reading

Rethinking the perfect pitch

Earlier this year, the American television network AMC announced their concept of a reality show called ‘The Pitch’ and here’s their description of the format of the show: “Each episode is a standalone… Continue reading

Hong Kong – a spirit of partnership and collaboration

With every major cities in Asia competing for the attention from the world who are all looking East for new markets, Hong Kong has launched an initiative to actively engage with business leaders… Continue reading

Tweeting: private vs. professional

When Laura Kuenssberg left BBC where she was news editor, there was something that she apparently liked to take with her – her official BBC Twitter account where she had 67,000 followers. As… Continue reading

Adapting global ideas: The right tone, in the right place.

A lot of people asked me about the strategy and techniques of adapting creative content for different markets. Many people think that it’s all just about language and at the most requiring some… Continue reading

Tweeting and social media: an international perspective

It has become official that social media has a “meaning”, and it has imbedded very much into our everyday lives. On 25 August, Merriam-Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary has announced that it will add “tweet”… Continue reading

How can global brands support the arts and culture and not alienate them

Just read an article in the Evening Standard about how brands will take over London during the Olympics next year (Mihir Bose, Evening Standard, 22.08.2011). As everyone in the industry know, sponsoring the… Continue reading

Great creativity is about great timing

Today I spotted a great idea. An idea probably had taken the creative team a short time to conceive, and then pull it together swiftly, efficiently and more importantly, creatively. The campaign that… Continue reading