What we’ve learnt from the Ikea catalogue blunders

Sometimes we hope that cultural differences do not exist. Not only can we share the same values, it makes life so much more peaceful. The reality, however, is never like that. We are… Continue reading

Just give me 5 seconds. I can explain.

Aren’t we all short of time these days? We constantly interact on multi-screens, engaging in conversations with people from all media. We no longer only shorten our message while texting, but try hard… Continue reading

CannesLions. The best bits.

With all the best creative works in the world, hundreds of hours of seminars, forums, workshops, screenings, not to mention the chance to catch up with creatives from all cultures (and scanning QR… Continue reading

Not just global. Intelligently local.

I stumbled upon an image on facebook recently and it had stuck in my mind for a long time. It’s a facebook page of InterContinental Hotels where guests post snapshots of the hotel… Continue reading

There is no such thing as advertising talent, there’s just talent.

I was intrigued by this statement about talents in advertising from a recent initiative launched by the American Advertising Associations ‘Open Advertising’. There is indeed a new definition of advertising talents because the… Continue reading

Global brand. Local execution. Orangina France vs. Japan.

Apart from a few obvious global giants, few brands establish dominant positions in multiple markets. Often this has become one of the main challenges for brands to create one single global creative platform.… Continue reading

Brands and consumers: Are you in control?

In a video that was produced a couple of years ago about the relationship between advertisers and consumers, there was clearly a huge gap. Today, in the age of total transparency, brands have… Continue reading

From Kraft to Mondelēz. Make today delicious, around the world.

It’s 9 pm and I have just finished skyping some of my creatives in Russia to double-check on a heated debate happening in the world of global marketing. I wanted to be absolutely… Continue reading

Mothers of the World

Mother’s Day is celebrated on different days and dates around the world. But in almost every culture, mothers play an important role in the family. Brands understand that, and will take every good opportunity… Continue reading

Tourism marketing: time to take a detour?

As the Singapore Tourism Board had embarked on a debatably controversial execution in targeting the Australian audience, I like to share with you some of the thoughts I have on tourism advertising. When… Continue reading