Participation + Sharing = The first ad campaign created entirely by consumers

If there were two essential ingredients in creating brand content today, it will certainly be ‘participation’ and ‘sharing’. Ford announced an updated Fiesta social media initiative that will invite content generated by users.… Continue reading

From celebrity endorsements to global celebrity creative directors

Celebrity endorsement in advertising is nothing new. From the long time strategy adopted by brands such as Lux who pioneered female celebrity endorsement or Pepsi’s relationship with pop culture in their ‘Taste of… Continue reading

Universal emotions. Local interpretations.

For a long time when it comes to international advertising strategy, we often think that emotional advertising would travel better than rational ones. Many people are convinced that certain emotions are shared around… Continue reading

The most shared video content

It’s hard to imagine any ‘socially active people’ who has not tweeted or posted a link of a video this year. Sharing content, be it in video format or otherwise, has been part… Continue reading

What will we expect in 2013?

Not sure if it is the weather, or because it’s just that time of the year. A few major ‘changes’ had made the headlines in the industry press. Here are the news from… Continue reading

Creativity and Implementation: Two Sides of The Same Coin

In a recent business trip to Beijing I had a reunion with the creative team I worked with in the past. We talked about the development of homegrown creative talents and the emergence… Continue reading

Beyond social media. How can Topshop become truly global?

If we have to choose a high street fashion brand that had made global news recently, it had to be Topshop. During London Fashion Week in September, the fashion industry had widely praised… Continue reading

What we’ve learnt from the Ikea catalogue blunders

Sometimes we hope that cultural differences do not exist. Not only can we share the same values, it makes life so much more peaceful. The reality, however, is never like that. We are… Continue reading

Just give me 5 seconds. I can explain.

Aren’t we all short of time these days? We constantly interact on multi-screens, engaging in conversations with people from all media. We no longer only shorten our message while texting, but try hard… Continue reading

CannesLions. The best bits.

With all the best creative works in the world, hundreds of hours of seminars, forums, workshops, screenings, not to mention the chance to catch up with creatives from all cultures (and scanning QR… Continue reading