Just give me 5 seconds. I can explain.

Aren’t we all short of time these days?

We constantly interact on multi-screens, engaging in conversations with people from all media.

We no longer only shorten our message while texting, but try hard to squeeze everything in 140 characters.

Give me .bitly – quick.

No wonder we talk about long copy is dead in advertising. Will people actually read it?

Commercials that are longer than 30 mins won’t justify the investment based on the attention consumers pay to it.

Information ‘needs’ to be expressed by using infographics. Sometimes the form overtakes the function.

Presentations have to be in PechaKucha style – 20 slides, 20 sec each – and that is supposed to be cool.

A new book which will be published soon rides on this culture of time poor message rich world. ‘Life in Five Seconds’ captures everything from cultural icons, political figures, and happenings around the world and conveys it through simple graphic illustrations. I think that is brilliant. Not only for the humours behind it, but for the cultural currency that it represents.

May be I should keep it brief here. In case you too have a short attention span.