The day when @rupertmurdoch tweets

How our lives changed with social network.

If you don’t believe this, just look at this screen shot I just took from a magazine page where they provide a handy way to share the article with your friends by using addthis.

It’s absolutely, and literally, the A to Z of social sharing platforms that are available. Many of these I have not even had time to explore.

Meanwhile, I am watching a replay of the drama ‘Black Mirror’ on 4OD. The drama is ‘a twisted parable for the Twitter age’ and taps into the collective unease about our modern world. In fact, the story is woven together tightly with a plot enriched with everything from youtube, twitter and the lots. It feels like it’s a bit too deliberate, but just reflecting our own lives, we are indeed living the ‘social network’ driven life.

I have to admit that I enjoy the culture of social networking, it has never failed to amaze me when ideas and information from different spaces converge into one and all of a sudden new insight comes alive.

Daniel Gulati wrote in his recent blog on Harvard Business Review argued that Facebook is making us miserable. His research found that among young businesspeople he had interviewed, behind all the liking, commenting, sharing, and posting, there were strong hints of jealousy, anxiety, and, in one case, depression.

I think otherwise.

I think the more transparent information is, the less anxiety there is among us. @pepsico is following @CocaCola on twitter, I think that is brilliant. When media mogul @rupertmurdoch started tweeting on New Year’s eve, we know there is no way anyone can neglect this form of communications anymore.

The truth is, When everyone is watching over everyone, barriers are broken down and true innovation happens.

Stop press: Today (4 Jan 2012) Instagram revealed in a blog post that Barack Obama had registered to use the photo sharing platform, apparently as part of the channels to communicate to all his supporters as the 2012 US Presidential Election nears.