Hong Kong – a spirit of partnership and collaboration

With every major cities in Asia competing for the attention from the world who are all looking East for new markets, Hong Kong has launched an initiative to actively engage with business leaders and SME in the UK. The “Think Asia. Think Hong Kong.” symposium on Sept 13 marked the highlight of the month long activities, and was an incredibly organized effort to get this message across to as many decision makers as possible.

A great line-up of keynote speeches were presented by business leaders including Michael Miles of Schroders plc, Douglas Flint of HSBC Holdings plc and local figures including Jack So of Hong Kong Trade Development Council and Victor Fung of Li & Fung Group. The key themes among all the speeches throughout the day include Hong Kong as a gateway to the Mainland China and the various practical advantages of setting up businesses in Hong Kong including low tax, an open and fair economy and the relatively fuss-free process in setting up overseas office in Hong Kong.

What’s lacking is probably the representation of the wide range of local talents from Hong Kong – the great talent pool that attract foreign companies to set up business there. It is also these great talents that help to accelerate the success of many foreign businesses.

In my opinion, there is also one important characteristic of the people from Hong Kong that makes us unique – the spirit of partnership and collaboration. David Eaton, Founder of Eyefix, a specialist company that had printed silks for the fashion industry for many years, said in the breakout session “Hong Kong: The Creative Capital of Asia.” that the reason why he feels at home doing business in Hong Kong is because of the people there are all eager to help you succeed.

Historically, as a trading hub, the people in Hong Kong have nurtured a culture of collaboration; and working with people from all over the world has always been a part of life.

It is also because of this open-mindedness, that Hong Kong is well equipped to play an instrumental role in bridging the Mainland China with the world. As Simon Galpin, Director-General of Investment Promotion, Invest Hong Kong puts it: “Hong Kong can serve as the springboard for China brands to go global”.

Global brands: Have you considered moving your regional office to Hong Kong?Have you come across with any challenges? For brands from China who want to go global, have you considered Hong Kong as the platform to showcase your products or services?

Global talents: Have you thought of the value of spending a few years in Hong Kong to gain critical international experience and exposure?

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The following is a promotional video that the HKTDC had produced for the symposium: