Great global creatives do not think alike (but they all share the same challenges…kind of)

I have worked with numerous independent creative hotshops over the years and every time, the challenges that they are facing are all different – but all share the same thread…Here are some of the things the creatives from independent creative agencies told me over the years…

“My client finally approved the concept after 10 rounds of revisions. The idea needs to work in 6 different markets. We need to act fast. We are running out of time.”

“We’ve just won a global account, we need to come up with a fully integrated campaign across 10 markets in 12 different languages in 3 months’ time. Buddy, we need serious help.”

“My French creative duo had come up with a fantastic idea. The campaign also needs to work across Europe, Latin America and Asia. Can we get some advice?”

“The campaign will run in 15 markets across almost 30 different TV channels. We only have a team of two and a dog (OK, I am exaggerating!).”

“We thought the international renowned celebrity is going to be a truly global ambassador for the brand. The colleagues of my client in India think differently. I wonder why…”

“I just wish we could have French, German, Italian, Spanish, Hungarian, Polish, Russian, Chinese, Brazilian creatives in the same room working on the same brief and crack that big global idea. I know it sounds like a dream.”

“點解個客講極都唔明?呢度無人識Cheryl Cole!”

Sounds familiar? What often started as a blank page, they all come back with a bag full of ideas and more importantly, happy clients in each market all over the world.

I like to hear your challenges too…