Creativity gives Barbie wings

Every so often brands rise up to the challenge to communicate the brand on an emotional level. Rather than just merely telling people what the product is, it tells people what the brand means. Mattel had just done that. The new TV spot created by the Mattel Barbie marketing team in LA conveys what the brand means – Barbie is not just a character with beautiful clothes and make up, it gives consumers a channel to spread their dreams. All of a sudden, Barbie is not just a toy; it’s a medium, an inspiration. That, to me, is a brilliant idea.

And what could be better to express the emotion than a TV commercial with great production value. The universal aspirations that it projects work across generations and culture. I can also see how it could work very well globally and potentially become an international sensation.

Barbie is reinventing herself in some of the newly developed markets such as China. Last year, Mattel opened a unique concept store in a country where parents consider their only child as ‘little precious’. The Barbie Store in Shanghai has furniture, fashion range and even a café and a spa. The potential of the product extension is enormous. I start to see Barbie ballet school, Barbie scholarships on its way.

I always believe that true creativity goes beyond short term sales increase, it builds brands for the long term.

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